Not Too Shabby

Vintage clothing and accessories are rarely in mint condition. Especially with older items made prior to the 1960s when easy care fabrics came along, flaws may not feel like deal breakers depending on your personal comfort level. Some issues can be repaired, others can be accepted. 

MagsRags's Not Too Shabby collection is a place to offer some As-Is items to my buyers. As always, I will strive to share plenty of details and closeup photos. 

Price will reflect condition. An occasional item may suitable primarily for upcycling, study or display. Those will be priced to recover the initial investment, and I will tell you clearly that I think the piece is not wearable. Most items are wearable - some may require a bit of repair before wearing, while others are wearable as-is as long as you feel peaceful about the known flaws. There are even some pieces that I have repaired already, fully disclosed of course.