Suzy Creamcheese Loves You!

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The original Suzy Creamcheese sprung from the wonderfully twisted brain of Frank Zappa in 1966 when a letter supposedly written by her appeared on the back of his debut double album  "Freak Out", complaining that "these Mothers are crazy. You can tell by their clothes."


Within a few years, Leslie Fearon had assumed the moniker and opened a boutique in Las Vegas called Suzy Creamcheese that became legendary for selling amazing one-of-a-kind fashions coveted and worn by celebrities, show girls and strippers. Throughout the 1970s, movie stars like Ann Margaret, Shirley MacClaine, and musicians like Dionne Warwick, Cher, and Stevie Nicks, shopped at Suzy Creamcheese. Wives of mobsters loved the clothes too, a fact given a nod in the movie "Casino", when Sharon Stone's character, Ginger, talks about shopping there. Elvis Presley bought stagewear for himself from Suzy Creamcheese as well as outfits for his wife Priscilla Presley and a succession of girlfriends.


Elvis on stage in a leather Suzy Creamcheese suit

Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson wore a hand crocheted Suzy dress 


An Elvis leather fringed Suzy Creamcheese suit was worn onstage and privately.


Suzy Creamcheese label   



I am lucky enough to own an original Suzy Creamcheese velvet Edwardian inspired skirt suit, available for purchase here at

Suzy Creamcheese Las Vegas suit                

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  • I remember Susie cream cheese her house had the mural on the house and fence. she had her shop right there in the strip mall on the strip and she dressed everybody and I remember I had a friend it was like 1977 and she was going to a show Merv Griffin show and she went and got this halter top with feathers and his patchwork skirt that was the thing back then.

    Darcy Ashley on

  • I used to model and work for Leslis back in the sixties in Sunnyvale. She was a strong woman and I have found memories of her and her family. Dance was just a baby back then.

    Holly Bishop on
  • I did business with Suzy in the 80’s. She also introduced me to friends at Kentucky Derby. Where is she now

    Rhandy Smith on
  • Suzy Creamcheese was the best store ever!My father had a store called Casual-Aire in the same mall-Tony Perrera,if you see this please email it’s Stephanie(Eileens daughter)

    Stephanie Mata on
  • I was a singer in Vegas mid sixties and used to buy all my clothes there. I knew Jay and Suzy well and modeled a Spanish style creation for Suzy on a local tv show. She was fun and I spent a lot of money there. I was a real fashionista! I worked often at the Silver Slipper after I moved to Vegas. I saw Jay at Ceasar’s Palace where they had their store. We talked for a while. I had returned from a European gig mid 1971 and had been working as a jazz vocalist with Dexter Gordon and other legends.

    Noreen Jackson on
  • I’m with the Red Bay Museum in Red Bay, AL, the hometown of Tammy Wynette. We have a display on Tammy, the larges anywhere at this time, and we just recently got a dress designed by Suzy. If anyone knows of any others that she did for Tammy and any information regarding the dress please let me know. Thanks! Scotty

    Scotty Kennedy on
  • Margaret, it’s Penny! I used to work for you at suzy’s early 80’s. You and I were roommates for awhile too. If you see this, contact me on Facebook Penny Ackerman 😊

    Penny Ackerman on
  • Long time friend of suzy/ Leslie and entire family lost touch in the late 90’s would love to find out any information… Tony

    Tony perrera on
  • In the early 80’s I worked for Wayne Newton and while my house was being remodeled, I lived at the Aladdin with my two boys. I bought a beautiful crocheted dress at Suzy Creamcheese. I am going to sell it as I will never “fit into it” again.

    Susie Davis on

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