Nolan Miller: In Memoriam

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 Nolan Miller, famed for his glamorous and over-the-top designs for the 1980s primetime soap, Dynasty, died earlier this week after a 6 year battle with lung cancer.

On a budget of $35,000 per episode, he adorned Joan Collins, Linda Evans, and the rest of the actresses playing Carringtons, their hangers-on and their enemies in amazing and often extreme 80s fashion. Sequined and beaded gowns, "Ladies who lunch" power suits with striking and opulent details, furs, extravagant and dramatic hats - Nolan Miller's designs for Dynasty won him an Emmy in 1984 and made him famous.

Miller also designed for movies and other television series, including Charlie's Angels, The Love Boat, and The Addams Family. Morticia Addams' iconic and darkly glamourous black gown, reminiscent of a gothic mermaid with a hint of octopus, was a Nolan Miller design. He also designed the beaded dress worn by starlet Ginger Grant the day she was stranded on Gilligan's Island.


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