Suzy Creamcheese Loves You!

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The original Suzy Creamcheese sprung from the wonderfully twisted brain of Frank Zappa in 1966 when a letter supposedly written by her appeared on the back of his debut double album  "Freak Out", complaining that "these Mothers are crazy. You can tell by their clothes."


Within a few years, Leslie Fearon had assumed the moniker and opened a boutique in Las Vegas called Suzy Creamcheese that became legendary for selling amazing one-of-a-kind fashions coveted and worn by celebrities, show girls and strippers. Throughout the 1970s, movie stars like Ann Margaret, Shirley MacClaine, and musicians like Dionne Warwick, Cher, and Stevie Nicks, shopped at Suzy Creamcheese. Wives of mobsters loved the clothes too, a fact given a nod in the movie "Casino", when Sharon Stone's character, Ginger, talks about shopping there. Elvis Presley bought stagewear for himself from Suzy Creamcheese as well as outfits for his wife Priscilla Presley and a succession of girlfriends.


Elvis on stage in a leather Suzy Creamcheese suit

Elvis girlfriend Linda Thompson wore a hand crocheted Suzy dress 


An Elvis leather fringed Suzy Creamcheese suit was worn onstage and privately.


Suzy Creamcheese label   



I am lucky enough to own an original Suzy Creamcheese velvet Edwardian inspired skirt suit, available for purchase here at

Suzy Creamcheese Las Vegas suit                

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  • I lived with Susie for a little bit in Las Vegas with her sister or nice I’m not sure what their relationship was it’s been so long but she was from Mexico City I would love to make contact with her again if that’s a possibility please email me

    Angela lazon on
  • My mother was a designer for Suzy’s in the early ‘80s when I was young. She would bring home autographs from all manner of celebrities of the day. One time, after fittings ran long for the late country singer Dottie West, Mom had to race her to the show venue in Mom’s old Ford Mustang knockoff, her 1980 Mercury Capri. Dottie, always so warm and generous, comped us to the show, to which Mom had me bring a long-stem red rose to give to Dottie during the concert. Of course, Dottie pulled me up on stage and gave me a kiss—a horrifying event at the time for a ten-year-old, but one that I look back on with the fondness fitting of a great era. Suzy (aka Leslie Dekeyser, with three daughters, named Lyric, Dance, and Tune) was generally kind, too, but struggles with cocaine gave her an unpredictably volatile temper. Eventually, the FBI stormed her Fashion Show boutique, arresting her and ultimately sending her to prison for a time, marking an abrupt end to what was my mother’s happiest, most creative career adventure. I always hoped Suzy’s life after that would return to its erstwhile opulence, or at least that she would live a long, happy life.

    JB on
  • Those Elvis outfits were made by North Beach leather. Not her .
    I know that for a fact .

    Richard on
  • I got my love of Vintage at Suzy’s shop in the 70s. She wasn’t very friendly at first. I wad just a kid and had no money. But I loved the smells and feels in her shop do much she couldn’t run me off. I stood, did not touch and just soaked up the most amazing vintage clothing. Now in LA I go to The Way We Wore. They are so nice. It’s like museum.

    Lilli Blue on
  • We were best of friends all through junior high and high school. She was a very adventurous girl who was adored in our group of friends
    We hung out at north Hollywood park. She definitely stood out in a crowd and was always ready to help a friend if need be. Am in Vegas with her mutual friends Barbara Rose and Elaine Metvish
    We always talk about our buddy “Kelly” who became the famous Suzy Creamcheese. We would love to know how she is since reading she was seriously ill and ate praying she is alive and well and her school buddies send her our love and would love to connect
    No friends like old friends at this stage of life….when I come to Vegas and meet up with my pals we always reminesce about the good old days….if anyone knows her whereabouts, please let me know

    Diane mankoff Silvets on
  • Suzie Creamcheese was also in the Fashion show mall when it first opened in the early 80’s. As I recall it was upper level on the far right. I did alot of beading at the time and wanted to work for the store beading but was alwaus too chicken to ask. I remember that the dresses were made out of vintage curtain velvets and regal looking fabrics. Whoever did the sewing was amazing and I cannot believe that they would even consider accepting minimum wage as they could have easily gotten a much better price for their work.

    Kelli on
  • What memories. I lived in LV in the 70’s and bought so many beautiful outfits there. glam!

    Ilyse Smith on
  • I introduced Cher to Suzy Creamcheese.
    Still have my handbags and Fur jacket from the 70s….one of a kind.. can’t part with them….

    Sheri Mirault on
  • This is so amazing to just hear her name again I .. just a little kid my sister used to talk about her and I thought what a cool name and that’s what brought me to the article was your name night eagle and I thought that was pretty cool too did you know my dad he was a fighter pilot at Nellis and the seventies anyway please get back to me I have an original Bob Mackie made for it that was made for you know who dot-dot-dot dot-dot…. in the late 60s for the World’s Fair I’m not sure what that year was but anyway I would love you to look at this dress it has very little damage but it’s absolutely stunning….. very very heavy and sparkly please get hold of Ursula anytime take your time and take care….JPC😇

    JPC on
  • I worked/managed and designed clothes for Suzy Creamcheese in the early 70’s,, an awesome time going to LA for design week, shopping and a whole lotta fun hang’n with the peeps.. Tia Rat

    Tia Night Eagle on

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