40s 50s Women's Hat Cocktail Party Casque Rooster Feather Trim Dark Green Rhinestone Accent Vintage VFG

This cocktail hat dates to the late 1940s or early 1950s. It is casque style, shaped close to the head, and has a small rolled brim in front that dips into a swag above the right ear that is anchored by a sparkly rhinestone bar. The rhinestones also hold a narrow twist of the felt that swoops down behind the swag and then back up, with a spray of iridescent coque feathers at a saucy angle. Netting is anchored at either end of the rolled brim, and was probably originally intended to drift across the front of the hat

SIZE: Labeled size 23

 Measurements Inches Centimeters
Inner band circumference 21.5" 54.5
Height of crown sitting on flat surface 4.5" 11.5

MATERIALS/COLORS: Dark green felt - based on label, probably fur felt - with greenish black rooster tail feathers and a rectangle of rhinestones set in pot metal.

TAGS: The inner crown is stamped as Famous Ferry Furs, since 1859, Henry Pollak Inc, New York

CONDITION: The netting is torn and raggedy in several places - at this point, it is somewhat decorative but can't really function as a veil. About a fourth of the rhinestones are cloudy. No other issues noted